Exterior Security Lighting Solutions

For every residential and commercial properties, we know the safety and security are one of the top most priorities. When it comes to the security lighting, it is really important to review the available options and then go for the one that you feel comfortable with. Or you can trust some qualified electrician as they offer a wide range of electrical lighting services, including security lighting and electrical safety inspections.

Motion-activated lights
If you don’t want to spend unnecessarily on the energy bills that you can go for the motion activated lights. Unlike the other options, these lights only activate when they detect a presence of movement in a specific area. They are ideally placed at entry areas.

Halogen flood lights
These lights emit strong light and consume more energy than most types of outdoor flood lights.

Solar Flood Lights
This is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option. It takes the energy from the sun and hence operate even if your power goes out.

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Why hire Commercial Sign And Lighting Service?

We at Commercial Sign And Lighting Service have been in the business for over 19 years. Whether it is the repairs or installing a brand new lighting, we stay abreast of everything happening in the industry. Whether you are thinking to create a fresh outdoor lighting look of your property or wants to repair the small issues – we can help you get the more out of it.

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