Let your business shine with commercial lighting services

Now illuminate your business a whole new way and attract customers like you never did before. Commercial Sign And Lighting Service has been in the business for many years now and can help you add a new sense of professionalism and value to your commercial property. Improving the value of a commercial a property doesn’t cost you the earth and you can even do it without spending too much. Additionally, improving the value of your commercial property can attract the customers too.

Outdoor lighting can add security to your lot, so burglars are less likely to approach your business. A properly installed commercial lighting system can enhance the moods of employees and customers, improve employee productivity, and even increase sales in a retail business or restaurant.

Why Choose LED Commercial Lightings?

  • LED Lights Save Time, Money, and Energy

When compared to the other lighting options, LEDs are most cost effective solutions. LED light bulbs and light fixtures are dimmable and can be set up to be motion-activated. Most of the conventional lights cannot be dimmed, and some even take a while to turn on. LED lights are instant on, do not harm, and do not contain any toxic materials.

  • LED Flood Lights Increase Security

Better lighting options make customers and employees feel safer too. LED bulbs are much brighter than other conventional lighting options, and a number of case studies have shown that they produce a better light quality too. LED lighting fixtures are durable also and are harder to break or shatter.

  • Plenty Of Options

For every light available in other conventional lighting fixtures has the equivalent in LED and it surpasses them in terms of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Customers have the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles, wattages, and fixture options.

Exterior Security Lighting Solutions

For every residential and commercial properties, we know the safety and security are one of the top most priorities. When it comes to the security lighting, it is really important to review the available options and then go for the one that you feel comfortable with. Or you can trust some qualified electrician as they offer a wide range of electrical lighting services, including security lighting and electrical safety inspections.

Motion-activated lights
If you don’t want to spend unnecessarily on the energy bills that you can go for the motion activated lights. Unlike the other options, these lights only activate when they detect a presence of movement in a specific area. They are ideally placed at entry areas.

Halogen flood lights
These lights emit strong light and consume more energy than most types of outdoor flood lights.

Solar Flood Lights
This is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option. It takes the energy from the sun and hence operate even if your power goes out.

We offer a range of commercial security lighting services. If you want to get a quote for your property, call us at 423-279-9909

New concept in the outdoor security lighting

Outdoor security lighting is an integral part of the security of your commercial property. It has been instrumental in deterring crime and improving security to residential and commercial spaces. It adds beauty and depth to your property at night. They can help you provide clear visibility of areas from a distance to see if there is something going wrong with the property. So, it brings a sense of safety and security to the property and the surrounding areas as well.

The Purpose of Outdoor Security Lighting

  • Provide a clear view of the area.
  • Help people avoid criminal threats.
  • Enhance your sense of safety when spending time outdoors.

Should You Upgrade Your Security Lighting to LED?
LED Lighting is the new concept in the outdoor lighting. We’ve come up with some reasons why it makes sense to invest in Security LED lights?

  • They consume less energy than halogen floodlights without compromising on the performance.
  • Most of the LEDs come with the added benefits of having motion sensors.
  • They can be directed to the specific area where light is needed.
  • LED lights contain no toxic materials.
  • LED lights are portable and easy to install.
  • Their sleek sizes make them stylish too.

Why hire Commercial Sign And Lighting Service?

We at Commercial Sign And Lighting Service have been in the business for over 19 years. Whether it is the repairs or installing a brand new lighting, we stay abreast of everything happening in the industry. Whether you are thinking to create a fresh outdoor lighting look of your property or wants to repair the small issues – we can help you get the more out of it.

Want to light up the night in your commercial property? If that’s the case, please go through the following things that can help you decide, why should you hire us for the commercial lighting solutions?

  • We have all the knowledge and experience under our belt which is needed in order to provide your commercial property a custom lighting look that your friends will be envious of.
  • We install the entire outdoor lighting system correctly the first time.
  • Our professional ensures that you get the result you were dreaming of.
  • We have the access to the excellent lighting products that you will not get in the majority of the stores.